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Aquamarine and Crystal Quartz Earrings

Aquamarine and Crystal Quartz Earrings

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These earrings are handcrafted with natural, raw Aquamarine and Quartz crystals. The Aquamarine is in a free-from teardrop shape, while the Quartz is irregular. The ear wires are 14k gold filled or sterling silver and come with rubber backs.

Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin term “aqua marines,” which means “water of the sea". This gem is associated with the throat chakra, and is said provide support to public speakers and teachers. It stimulates the energy from the heart to the throat, helping one to communicate their deepest heartfelt truths. It is also the birthstone for March!

Crystal Quartz, also known as Rock Crystal, is said to be the ultimate healing stone that balances and revitalizes the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the body. It’s believed to amplify the energy or intent given to it, while enhancing the energies of other gemstones it's placed with.

- Natural Aquamarine & Quartz
- Stone Size: average 14mm to 16mm (.5" to .6")
- Earring Length: average 1.75"
- Stone Shape: Raw, Irregular Teardrop

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