Raw vs. Polished Crystals: What's best for you?

Raw vs. Polished Crystals: What's best for you?

Raw or polished crystals: is there really any difference? Which type is best for you? Our clear-cut opinion (pun intended) suggests you should always go with the one that speaks to you. But, is the energy different between them, or are they essentially the same? Let's quickly explore the differences (and divergent opinions) to unearth the answer that resonates with you.

First… What are raw crystals? 

Raw crystals, also known as rough crystals, have not been polished or treated in any way. Their surface is typically coarse and uneven as if they were chipped off another rock, or dug up from the ground or a riverbed. 

It’s important to note, most crystals on the market today have been split-off from significantly larger specimens that are too bulky to carry or wear. They’ve also been washed clean from any debris, thus implying that even "raw" crystals are not entirely in their original state.

What are polished crystals?

Polished crystals begin in their raw form, but, with human intervention, are tumbled, cut, or sanded into smooth, glossy specimens. In some cases, such as Moonstone and Fluorite, the true beauty of the stone is only fully exposed through polishing. Without it, it’s tougher to discern their rich coloring. Moreover, certain raw crystals are too sharp to wear or even toxic against the skin. By polishing them, their surfaces are stabilized, making them safe to handle and wear.

What’s the energy difference? Does the energy change when a stone’s polished?

People are divided when it comes to whether cutting and polishing a crystal alters its energy. Although the gem's crystalline structure may stay the same, some believe that its energy is altered or diminished. Other’s disagree. Regardless, one's bond with a particular crystal depends on their intuition and their intentions for it. 

Raw Crystal Energy

Some crystal enthusiasts believe raw crystals have a more pure and powerful energy since they’re closest to their untouched natural state. Many often feel a higher vibration and more connected to nature when wearing them.

If you're captivated by raw crystals, chances are you have a passion for nature and the great outdoors. You stay firmly connected to the earth, even when chaos swirls around you.

Polished Crystal Energy

Many often feel that polished crystals generally emit a soft, subtle energy compared to that of raw gems, since they have been “smoothed out”.

If drawn to such crystals, it may signify a your belief in the thought that the good things in life come with patience and effort. You're devoted to becoming the best version of yourself, and appreciating loveliness and the finer elements of the world.


So which one’s for you? In the end, personal preference, intentions, and budget will determine which crystal is your best fit. There’s really no right or wrong crystal type, and most gem lovers tend to hoard a little (or a lot) of both. Always choose the one that speaks to you!

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