Coralized Collection

GEMNIA emerged from Coralized, our previous business name and jewelry line, where every piece was meticulously hand-sewn using tiny glass beads and gemstones. Until now, we've only sold these unique designs at art fairs or by request, but we're thrilled to announce that they'll soon be available on our website!

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Meraki Necklace

Meraki means "essence of ourselves" in Greek. This necklace, which can be made in a variety of stones and colors, is a reflection of our designer's passion for jewelry. It was among her first designs that launched her career and will forever hold a sentimental value in her heart.

Coming Soon!

Inara Earrings

Crafted with a passion for color, these earrings are a well-loved original design from the Coralized Collection. They boast a long, soft, and bold look, entirely hand-sewn with delicate glass beads. Perfect for adding a touch of playfulness to your everyday outfits or spicing up fancier occasions. It's no wonder these are always a customer favorite!

Coming Soon!

The Square Collection

Spiraling gemstones meets sterling silver in these statement earrings. Each stone is meticulously woven together then adorned with tiny glass beads sewn to mimic coral branches.

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Tassel Collection

Elegant, yet playful, this bezeled jewel pendant features a hand-sewn "tassel" of tiny beads. Choose from a variety of gemstones and colors to reflect your personal style.

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