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Clear Crystal Quartz Pendant, Sterling Silver, Gold Filled

Clear Crystal Quartz Pendant, Sterling Silver, Gold Filled

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Looking for something that shimmers with your every move? Try this Natural Crystal Quartz Necklace — it's like a little disco party around your neck! Not to forget, Crystal Quartz is considered the ultimate healing stone. It balances and revitalizes the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the body. Also, it's believed to amplify the energy or intent given to it, while enhancing the energies of other gemstones it's placed with.

This necklace is crafted from high quality clear crystal quartz and is available in 14k gold filled and sterling silver. Since the gems are genuine and untreated, natural inclusions may be present.

With its timeless design, this handmade piece will add a touch of sparkle to your everyday look! Shine on, you glam goddess!

GEMSTONE: Natural Crystal Quartz
STONE SIZE: average 8mm (.3")
METAL: 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver 


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