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Natural Ammonite Necklace, Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled

Natural Ammonite Necklace, Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled

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Natural Ammonite Necklace - Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled Chain

Ammonites are extinct cephalopods that inhabited the oceans at the time of the dinosaurs. They date back from 60 to 420 million years ago and are found all over the world.

Ammonites benefit the root chakra and stimulate the third eye, and are believed to help us find stability within our daily lives despite constant change. Their spiral is said to filter out negativity and/or chakra blockages, while opening chakras and releasing fresh, positive energy. Ammonite is often associated with the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Cancer.

This necklace is handmade with an ancient Ammonite just for you. It is set onto a fine, but strong (and sparkly!) sterling silver or 14k gold filled chain. Each Ammonite varies in color and texture. Most are a mix of browns, but some have a little “flash” of fire or rainbow in them.

- Natural Ammonite
- Stone Size: average 29 x24mm (1.14" x 1")
- 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver Chain & Clasp

LENGTH MODELED: 15 inches.
Please measure your neck to where you'd like the necklace to fall before purchasing. If purchasing as a gift, the adjustable size of 16-18 inches is a good size for the average woman.

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